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We think you will find that this is the place you’ve been looking for. Very friendly, highly capable opticians providing the best optical goods and service you will find anywhere.

Unique Prescription Glasses

Unique Eyewear

Bexley Optical has one of the largest inventories of designer eye glass frames in central Ohio, with many styles you won't find anywhere else.

Unique Eyewear


high fashion eyewear


From “vintage” to “unique modern” prescription eyewear, we have hundreds of higher quality styles. We have one of the largest inventories of high fashion glasses in central Ohio, with many styles you won't find anywhere else.

prescription eyewear


The latest designs and technology, handcrafted in our own lab by our licensed opticians, ensuring each lens is inspected for quality and accuracy. Whether you need low vision glasses or prescription sunglasses we have you covered.

Filling Eyewear Prescriptions


Filling prescription lenses with expertise and knowledge by the same friendly faces for the past 35 years. From prescriptions to eyewear repairs, we take pride in what we do.

vision insurances


We take all vision insurance. We discount for your insurance, and then, as a non-participating provider, we are able to submit for you to receive an additional reimbursement, which is sent directly to you. The better insurance plans offer these reimbursements so that you can choose where you prefer to have your eyewear made. This way, instead of providing you with the kind of care and goods that insurance plans cause providers to use, we can carry all the exceptional products that WE choose, and you benefit by getting the kind of value you deserve; Great service and higher quality eyewear in a family owned, friendly atmosphere.

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Why Bexley Optical Boutique

Bexley Optical Boutique Store Front Since 1983, Bexley Optical has had a mission to offer the best personal service and eyewear selection anywhere. This was accomplished not only by employing the right people, but also by incorporating a laboratory in the store to make glasses quickly and accurately. The opticians who are measuring and fitting your eyewear are also responsible for fabricating your lenses to our precise standards. Sending to outside laboratories often causes delays and/or mistakes in your prescription lenses due to high volume manufacturing by operators working on quantity, not quality. We specialize in using the latest technology for lenses. For example, recommending protective lenses to help stop damage to your eyes caused by blue/violet rays emitting from digital electronic devices such as cellphones, computer screens, pads, even LED and flourescent lights, and, especially, the sun. We are doctor recommended, and fill your doctor’s prescriptions, even the most difficult prescriptions. We also have an optometrist on staff to do eye examinations right in our office.

“If you have not been satisfied with the service you have received elsewhere, try Bexley Optical Boutique. I guarantee you will love your eyewear, and be glad that you found us”

Owner, Larry Haas

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